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This punk-rock record presented by DCxPC is a collection of five live-recorded songs (vol. 10), featuring Orlando’s two best melodic punk bands : RATH & The Wise Guys / The Kutoffs on three and two songs respectively. The juxtaposition of the former’s punk rock n roll style with the latter’s skate punk charisma makes for a booming punk showcase that is a must-listen for all punk heads out there. Let’s get into it!

Opening with Melt My Brain by RATH & The Wise Guys, the track is crazy on acid. The torrential beats have the cumulative weight of an elephant as it tears up the canvas into shards of frenzy, pandemonium and chaos. With touches of hard-metal, the band fire up the power of the hard-hitting punk beats, driving it out of the world. The tremendous riff frictions carve out a flaming inferno of sin, a caustic wash that cleanses the mind of all inhibitions.

Stiffed has a more melodic presence, especially when compared to its predecessor, which was bereft of light sonics. While the beats and riffs cultivate a monstrous and bellowing rhythm, the vocals are markedly slow, their melody blooming within the crass contours of percussion. And this parallel incongruence creates an auditory illusion of sorts that gnaws at one’s sense of reality.

Nose Candy is a large bouquet of basslines driving this punk rock n roll anthem to towering heights. The machination of heated riffs bring the belligerence and defiance of drugs to the song. And ending the track is a renewed drill, a lysergic party that rages infinitely.

The Kutoffs introduce themselves with Taking Off. With hard-hitting beats driving the force, the song shows off prominent soul sensibilities in their guitar melodies and vocals. The high points of melody is contrasted by the voracious passion in the frazzy riffs and beat motors. Their definite boundaries and euphonic sentiments stand in perfect contrast to the Rath’s menacing presence.

Enjoy The Ride follows up with chopping rhythm set up by free-flying riffs and emphatic percussion. The punk elements wonderfully interact with the gloomy blues in the vocals. With a melodic hardcore, the track sports catchy hooks and pop punk energy that make us feel-good.

Listen to Rath & The Wise Guys / The Kutoffs presented by DCXPC Live, Vol. 10 here –


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