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Yourself in Peace - Mirrorbank
Yourself in Peace - Mirrorbank

Yourself in Peace – Mirrorbank

Yourself in Peace brings visual art to music. With swirling melody patterns and abstract rhythm arrangements, he creates live portraits of beat infused shoegaze. Rooted in the Los Angeles beat scene, the artist has profound artistic inclinations that shows up in his work. In his brand new album, Mirrorbank, Yourself In Peace makes a psychedelic  manifesto of the beat generation over the course of nine songs. 

The album has a refreshing allure. With fresh synths blossoming like a dawn sky, the tracks have a pastel surreality. Droning riffs and ethereal layers of sonic activate the hypnotic cavities of the mind. Washed with the soothing timbre of the baritones, we are given the perfect vehicle to navigate the complex concepts. The songs are strung together cohesively, fitting into the album like perfect pieces of a puzzle. The album opens with the effervescent swells of Guayaquil 1992. Its lysergic properties set the stage for the rest of the listening experience. 

The nine tracks for astounding musical concepts. A kaleidoscopic marvel if you will. With unimaginable and unprecedented sonic splatters, they reflect each other, emulate a similar brand of abstractness, and are validated by the presence of another. In Coral Reef and Sales Pitch Jungle, we observe the use of similar sonic dissonance and cryptic pallets. Fancy Dinners and Bodies Older are drawn with melodic arrangements, embedded within ethereal expanses. Richurio Simpler Stuff and Perfect Kandinsky are both shimmering masses driven by warped beat structures. 

The more we observe, the more the enchanted dialogue is imbibed in us and impressed into our psyches. With every listen, we are made privy to a new dimension, a deeper perspective, and a different reality. 

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the Mirrorbank album by Yourself In Peace here – 

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