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Trickshooter Social Club - Don't Settle me Down
Trickshooter Social Club - Don't Settle me Down

Trickshooter Social Club — Don’t Settle me Down

“Don’t settle me Down”, is the newest addition to Chicago based band, Trickshooter Social Club. Released also in the EP, “Monte Carlo”, the band takes their roots in rock to a new level. A country inspired single, the song is beautifully accompanied by a violin throughout its duration.

This eight member band is known for their oddly literate, completely eclectic approach to their music. The vocal range of the lead singer in “Don’t settle me Down” really stands out. The harmonies put the lead singer’s voice forward while complimenting and giving it a pedestal to shine on. The single is a great fusion of Rock n Roll and Country music. Trickshooter Social Club say that “….sometimes loud and unapologetic – our songs are a little whiskey soaked and world-weary – but always leave a little room for redemption.” And there couldn’t be a better way to put it.

“Don’t settle me Down” has holds different moods, but what becomes right away is the band’s Americana, blues and folk influences. The best part about this single is that the band uses pacing and clever vocals to both slow down and increase tempo. What starts off like a lullaby soon carries you off your feet. The song and its lyrics are very reminiscent of old pieces of advice that women in families would pass down, while also taking a bold stand. It makes you feel comfortable and lets you believe in a sort of redemption. “Don’t settle me down” sounds like a real delight to watch being performed live.
Trickshooter Social Club is definitely a band to look forward to.

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