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New Ground Collab - Mocity Jones ft Oscify
New Ground Collab - Mocity Jones ft Oscify

Mocity Jones – New Ground Collab | chill

With a laid back, calming groove Mocity Jones is back with his newest single, New Ground Collab. The Detroit based rapper and producer is definitely breaking new ground with this collaboration that features the artist, Oscify.

Raised on everything from motown, classical to folk, Mocity Jones combines his R&B and jazz influences for a very chill, almost a Blu and Exile vibe. With a groovy melody and the laid back cadence that Mocity Jones and Oscify bring a truly wholesome vibe to the track. Oscify and Mocity Jones bring a new vibe to the Hip-Hop and Jazz crossover. The trumpet riff that follows throughout the track. Mocity Jones’ plays with pacing and silences in his verses, and they take a significant turn towards the middle. The energy and the flow between the two artists on the track is impeccable, and we see them truly playing off of each other’s energies. Oscify brings his signature Earl Sweatshirt type vibe to the track.
New Ground Collab is exactly what its name implies it to be – it’s the coming together of two artists to create some new ground. If you are looking for a nice chill song to vibe to, this should definitely be your pick.

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