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Pretty Killer - Blood Sugar
Pretty Killer - Blood Sugar

Pretty Killer – Blood Sugar

Massachusetts-based band, Pretty Killer are a high focus nu-punk, electro-pop group with an evolving sound. Filtered through screens of grunge, hip-hop, and punk, the result is a distilled novelty sound brand that instantly stands out. Pretty killer has just released their debut album, Blood Sugar featuring the previously released title track. 

The album explores a spectrum of human emotions, with each track exemplifying personal struggles of the artists. 

Blood Sugar is an electric stage that portrays the realities of toxic romance and how we use it as an escape route instead of dealing with real problems. The band uses dreamy arrangements and contrasts its smooth synths with hard grooves. Glistening hooks boomerang across lyrical motifs and edgy hooks. Cultivated as a pink dance floor, the track is a 90s emo-pop vibe loaded with melodic rock and vibrant disco synths. 

Pretty Killer is Jason Pascucci (vocals/guitar), Andrew Quinn (guitar/bass), Jacob Blondin (drums/production), Cody Buteau (guitar), and Jared Brunelle (synth). Formed in 2021, the band has a bedrock of pop that they cultivate with diverse music cultures. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Blood Sugar by Pretty Killer here – 

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