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Rich Chambers-I Found the Volume
Rich Chambers-I Found the Volume
Rich Chambers-I Found the Volume

Rich Chambers shows us rock lessons 101 with his album, “I Found the Volume”

Rich Chambers has been that embodiment of that good time rock n roll. It is a fact that I know, as his music is one of the first reviews I wrote of. Summer Looks So Good On You was my month-long jam. He has released some Christmas singles and album since then, and a cover of the Beatles classic as well. This is his encompassing album, I Found the Volume. 

Opening with I’m A Fool For Loving You, you get instantly addicted. It is the single he released last, like a teaser for this incredidble album. Simple grooves, addictive rhythm bars and lyrics make this as rock n roll as you’d want. The cover of CCR’s Fortunate Son comes in next. It’s one of the most recognisable tunes ever-and gives you the chills. Rich Chambers does an incredible job in holding the essence of the song with gusto. One of the more interesting grooves I’ve heard this year is interpreted on his hit single, You’re A Nice Guy But… The song is of a sentiment men have heard a million times, and he feeds the fodder in with incredible musicianship.

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Rich Chambers knows how to turn heads

One of my favourite ballad style tracks comes in with Tender Years. It sounds like a slow Petty song, soothing and combing through emotions. I enjoyed Rich Chambers changing the dynamic for the powerful chorus part-lighters up in the sky while singing this one. This flows into the fast-paced swinging rock and roll number, Summer Looks So Good On You. It is a sentiment I’ve never heard, and he lets the song express it. You can imagine hoards of people at Coachella groove to this catchy number. Give Rich a guitar and a band that can keep time and stick to the groove. The result will be pure magic.

High School Can’t Last Forever continues his special edge as a songwriter. Rich Chambers gives music that human touch, sentiments and memories people obsess and talk about forever. Life, love, loss and obsession are themes he revisits, things that make us most human. AI doesn’t hold a chance to the poetry Rich can write and make this kind of sorcery out of. Then kicks in the tone of I Wonder, a quick paced Bob Dylan-esque song. You hear the Canyon influences as well, while keeping the melodies short, sweet and memorable. His cover of I Saw Her Standing There is in perfect position for a cover for the album. The guitar flourishes and tip of the hat to the original remains the highlight of the song. 

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Music is more than melodies

Sorry Isn’t Good Enough brings the acoustic out. It shows his incredible versatility-captivating an audience with his verses and flourishes. The bluesy offset in You Ripped My Heart Apart shows how easy it is for a talented musician to be this entertainment package. The keys interact with his vocals well, making for a song you can get obsessed with. Rich Chambers writes a riff to remember with I’m So Tired. For a song with that title, he kicks the doors down with caffeine powered sneakers and sets the room on fire. An angelic spine reverberates in the song, Dreams Can Come True. His interactions vocally take another dimension, approaching the song like a student and master together. 

You can follow his incredible songwriting style on his Spotify. Listen to his other catchy tracks as well. Make sure you listen to this album in full for a dive into drama like none other. Listen to Rich here:

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