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Barleycove: Blending Modern Folk, Americana, and electronic music in ‘Forget You’

Barleycove is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Laura Jones, known for blending modern folk and Americana while infusing hints of classic rock reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. Barleycove aims to fuse the music of the 1970s with contemporary influences. Their latest single, titled ‘Forget You,’ is poised to attract a wider audience as Barleycove strongly believes in the therapeutic potential of music. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The song revolves around themes of ethereal electronic music production, with sprinkles of vocals and electropop music thrown in for good measure. Production, along with its wafty, expansive reverb creates an atmosphere that is or at least satisfying and tranquil, despite the chaos that the term “electronic music” may suggest.

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The vocals are done quite nicely as well, with clever use of harmonies and sound staging to achieve a thick, silky sound. This is, also, in turn, supported by the arpeggiated synths in the background, making themselves prominent especially during the second part of the song. Couple this with electronic drums and percussive elements come on and you have a thoroughly modern sound mixed in with the charm of the old.

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The mixing and mastering of this track, as well, stand out as one of the highlights. All throughout the song, there is a lot of space in the mix; making my headphones seem much wider than they actually are, which is added ear candy that I was able to appreciate. Overall, “Forget You” by Barleycove is a great mix of styles and elements, and it all brings together concepts rather elegantly. Check out the song here:

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