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Ace Monroe-Shelter In Place
Ace Monroe-Shelter In Place
Ace Monroe-Shelter In Place

Ace Monroe-Shelter In Place | Rock in their roots

We’ve all heard the grouch talk about how music isn’t even bearable today. They want the tracks to have guitars, drums and vocalists with antics which just won’t play in 2022. Ace Monroe offer you the music part of their plea, with the magic of 70s dragged in with the frills and bells you would want to hear. Shelter In Place is their latest album, and its packed with catchy tracks that make you want to recheck which version of the iPhone you’re carrying.

Burnin‘ is their first track, and vouch for an opener that doesn’t make you look back. Occupying the entirety of the time stamp to create pure rock ‘n’ roll juju, Ace Monroe guide their sound through the decades. With a brass section that sounds like Aerosmith from the Toys in the Attic days, Ace Monroe have the aura covered. A dense fog of anticipation with perspiration off the nasty groove settles.

Driving with the blues

There’s a lot of Nashville Blues in their songs as well. Tedeschi Trucks can also be heard in some places, though its pure rock. Gospel is their second track, with a blues tissue system that controls the energetic sound they harness. The vocals of Robbie Dylan sound like a polished Axl, swerving through notes like a pro racer on a drift track. It has a great chorus section for their crowd to sing as well, so enjoy the church bells that these guys ring.

No 70s style album is complete without the lament for the girl that got away. Megan is her name in this case. The band switches their sound like a softer version of Warrant. The harmonics and acoustics stick out, while slide blues guitar has its own time with simple flourishes. The groove is so tight with this group, you can hear it reducing each artist’s effort for the song. It sounds great, and shows that their live performances will be a hundred percent effort.

Hard hitting riffs-redefined

Ghosts has a cool riff and guitar tone that sees Josh Alfano on lead and Jack Kaiser on rhythm trading their sounds to complement each other. The effortlessly slick song is instantly in your brain, etched with the sharpest edge of this rock. The drum fills hold for a magic moment when the breakdown comes before the solo, a recipe for rock if I know it. Voodoo is the next track with a blues based riff that makes a base for great harmonics and a killer beat. Ace Monroe have got a great sound down, owing to their obsession with quality production.

Hell Bound is the track with a riff that sounds like Black Stone Cherry. Famous for their hard hitting axe frills, Hell Bound makes for a superb road trip song. The library of tones just keeps expanding in this album, owing to their ability to change sound like chameleons track by track. They still own their signature sound, making a dent in each track so deep people would be mistaken to assume another band.

Home sweet home

Southern Comfort is a classic bar track, with the ambience jotted down to the T. Robbie Dylan makes it a soft intro for this track, as it boils over to the bar blues everyone loves. The solos traded are especially interesting, the switch between acoustic and electric enough to keep both sides of the coin happy. Jaded is the closing track, and its an acoustic number. Other than being an enjoyable, soft track like Mr. Big, it shows the range of this group, from hard rock to the blues to the soft ballads that they have nailed. They might be nomads in rock, but they’ve guaranteed that they have shelter in place, right here.

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