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Herald K | Arethusa | Modern Ballad | Ballad
Herald K | Arethusa | Modern Ballad | Ballad

Herald K – Arethusa | Modern Ballad

Music was actually one of the primary forms of mass media. Before the modern mass media, there were only stories and ballads. A ballad is just a story in the form of verses. A very effective way of spreading stories of battles or even warriors and kings. It’s a medieval style of music that is still in use even to this day.

Herald K is a Norwegian songsmith and singer based in Vienna, Austria. He is currently preparing 10 new songs under the title ‘Mythologies’. The first of these, the single ‘Arethusa’, was released on the 24th of June 2022.

Arethusa has a very cool introduction. It’s a portal to the medieval times, with some mellow strings. As you make your way back in time to the medieval, Herald starts to narrate the circumstances around you. Now you’re in a foreign land, back in time just using Herald’s voice as a guide. What an amazing experience!

“He saw your beauty Arethusa… He saw you bathing, Arethusa!”

Arethusa was a nymph according to Greek Mythology and the daughter of Nereus. Listen to Herald narrate an excerpt from the story of Arethusa’s life. Staying true to the genre, Herald is narrating a story through his music. A really scintillating style of ballad.

The music is really soothing and just makes you lay back and enjoy. From the 2 minute mark, there is an instrumental solo that just sends shivers through my body. Masterful layering of instruments with Herald’s voice gives the ideal mix. A beautiful single that marks the beginning of more to come.  

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