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Red Skies Mourning – Red Skies Mourning | Neon Groovefest

Neon groove fest is the aptest word to describe Chris Aleshire’s alternative modern pop-rock project Red Skies Mourning. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Aleshire comes from a military background and has previously played in metal, hardcore, rock, and punk bands. With influences ranging from pop, rap, hip-hop, and R&B, Aleshire has been part of hardcore bands like Carved In Stone, Taken By Force, and Erase The Past. From heavier stuff, Red Skies Mourning has shown themselves to be a true musician with his stunning pop LP of the same name.

Deep Moonlight commences the album with a recurring four-note piano melody. This forms the backdrop of this song to a bass that envelopes you. The second track Dreamweaver has an infectious groove that is reminiscent of Prince. The verses are quiet with the bass line and vocal alone while the chorus has some starry synths and vocal harmonies. We also hear a digital flute-like synth lick. The mood changes with Paralyzed 2.0 from dreamy eyes to paranoia but the catchiness and electropop feel intact. Some interesting light growl vocals are also used as harmonies in the pre-chorus and chorus along with a spoken word/rap section. It perfectly expresses emotional anxiety.

Lost Without You has a proper retro feel to it. As we move into the chorus, the vocal melody is sung with passion. The chorus has the rhythm in its pocket with pointed melody lines and processed guitar lines. It’s a catchy song with cheery synth-pop energy. Easily an album highlight. The groove festival continues with Sands of Time. This song has a tight electro kick-snare beat with some stunning vocals. You can’t help but bob your head and body to the rhythm.

From party energy, we go to energetic pensive ballads with Where You Been? The song has a reflective synth riff which holds the canvass for the songwriting. It is a song about being emotionally unavailable and the ill effects it causes. The penultimate track In The Moment has subtle synth/guitar lines just hiding beneath the indie surface of the song which is a lovely subtlety. Summer Shines concludes this record with synthwave pomp and nocturnal energy. We hear robotic sound effects along with beautiful vocal melodies and foot-tapping drum beats.

The album has been co-written with Ryan Curtis, while the production by Cesar Da Emperor and mix by Jeff Kanan accomplishes to immerse the listener into the sonic landscape of Red Skies Mourning. Red Skies Mourning manages to combine the rhythmic feel of Daft Punk with the sensuous melodicism of The Weeknd on the album. Aleshire’s baritone tenor vocals shine bright power onto every track. Every single track has a tight pulse and stellar synthpop production making listening to it a delightful experience. Red Skies Mourning is a trippy dream-pop musical journey at the forefront of the synth-wave revival.

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