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Catherine Porter-Dune Road
Catherine Porter-Dune Road
Catherine Porter-Dune Road

Catherine Porter-Dune Road | Reminisce

A touching, moving moment converted into a song. Heartfelt and original, Catherine Porter gives us a snippet into her life with Dune Road, a memoir for something that has been a catalyst for change in the family. The song is fairly simple and shifts your mood to a matter of perspective. Read Catherine Porter’s poignant story for how and why she wrote this song:

The song behind the story

The song is a love letter to a beach house my parents owned for over 40 years. Last year when my sister died from covid, my grief-stricken parents decided to sell the house. Because they now live in Florida, they couldn’t come back to pack it up, so I spent all last summer there, which was hard, but also a blessing to be able to have that time to say goodbye to a home that meant so much to me. I wrote dune road with my co-writer, Kevin Malpass, who also produced it, as a birthday gift to my parents, who left a piece of their hearts in that house.

A profound change of streams inspired this song. Basing the instruments on the minimal sound of the piano and the opening with the sound of the sea. You can hear the waves, the salt and most importantly pieces of history left in the place as well as the song, a great gift that is as timeless as what has been left there. About her journey before Dune Road:

I loved making my record, Gems for Ruby in 2009. The only track that is up on platforms is ‘somebody to love’ now, but the others will follow. The album was produced by Danny Saxon and mark Jaimes of Simply Red. We made a concept album; songs from the 70’s to 80’s that we adored, slowed them down, orchestrated them to be almost standards.

I knew I wanted to do a queen song since I had toured with Brian May on the ‘Back to the Light’ tour, and one of my favourites was always ’Somebody to Love.” We basically finished the track and then sent it to him. He loved it so much, he agreed to do the solo on it. I was thrilled. It’s a track I will treasure forever.

Once again, we deliberate about the track and what it might mean for the listeners. Anyone who shares anything of a memory that is similar would express it the same way:

Kevin Malpass and I wanted to set the tone for a sweet, heartfelt song that would tug at the heart strings of my parents, initially, as this was a gift to them, but I feel like anyone who has had a connection and attachment to anything can relate. It wasn’t just a house. The walls hold all the memories and I’m so grateful to have them.

What lies down the road

Catherine Porter is on to making many more tracks and has plans for the coming years. On asking her about her future plans and music endeavors:

Brian May just released his box set of the ‘Back to the Light’ album, an album I did not record, but toured with him, playing all those songs and more. We did make a “Live from Brixton Academy” album and he has digitally released some of those songs that I sang on along with the box set.

These songs have never had a digital release. As far as my own music goes, my next song coming out is called “Wildflower.” it’s a song for my sister who passed away from Covid last year. The song is released on her birthday, October 20th. Next year will be a new album, maybe some more singles along the way and who knows what else! Stay tuned!

Porter’s Dune Road is a rewind and fast forward in a world that doesn’t seem to make sense. Her song is one of those that relies on melody, so you attach to it a lot quicker. It is ingrained, like the memories in the walls of the house or what is to come later. Dune Road is a prolific track that I would change nothing about.

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