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Weeping Willow | Jack Lillian | Post Grunge | Intense
Weeping Willow | Jack Lillian | Post Grunge | Intense

Weeping Willow by Jack Lillian: A Powerful and Intense Post-Grunge Journey

Do you remember the good old days? I’m talking about early 2000s. That was the golden era for post rock and grunge and Jack Lillian has managed to smash both these genres into one. Jack Lillian’s intense music takes you back in time to high school, where your problems were different and you had that much more energy. Or maybe its just me, because this kind of music reminds me of a Walkman and long bus rides home from school! Then again, the intensity of the song takes you to a place of high energy and puts you in a state of headbanging trance.

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Jack Lillian has a very cool origin story, something we can all relate to. So back when she was a kid, her parents used to blast rock and roll early every Sunday morning to wake Lillian up and get her in the mood to do chores. And it actually worked! Influenced by the amazing taste of her parents and listening to bands like Led Zepellin, The Eagles, and Van Halen, right from an early age, has brought Lillian to where she is today. A unique post grunge and post rock mix that just takes the listener to Lillian’s world of intensity.

Weeping Willow starts off intense with a grungy electric guitar riff that is soon joined by some hard drums. Then there is a short break with the drummer tapping his sticks, and that’s where you know you it begins! After this, Lillian’s intense and distant vocals start to pour into the mix. This is where you know, this track is a complete crescendo and its just going to keep getting more intense! What I absolutely love is this sound that plays at the 1minute 30 second mark, that shows you the kind of influence Jack’s music has had. A beautiful single by Lillian and the lyrics are also so catchy!

“Say it all, take it all”

There is this subtle chorus ringing in the back as well, if you pay attention. An extremely cool effect that just feels like you’re spiraling into the darker depths of your mind, while the shaman are whispering “Say it all, take it all”!!! And then slowly, the track just ends, leaving you with a sense of confusion. Absolute banger from Jack Lillian! I love the guitar work from this singer-songwriter and it just keeps getting better throughout the track.

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