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Satellite Train - Lies
Satellite Train - Lies

Satellite Train – Lies

Satellite Train has just released its sophomore single, Lies. The band was originally conceived as a fun side project among friends before it snowballed into a creative ensemble comprising artists from across the globe. With Icehouse’s Michael Paynter leading the band with his creative contribution and versatile vocal abilities, the band has a magnificent sound that revitalizes the alternative rock genre.

The track is a euphonic Pandora’s box. With accents of neo-soul, wisps of jazz vocals, and classic rock instrumentation, the song drives us to an elating euphoria. Its melancholia is a sweet pill as it dissolves in the molten swirls of the song. Michael’s smoky vocals unfolds like a graceful dancer, effervescing like a dream. And the bursting freshness adds a beautiful perspective to the dreamscape.

With a vintage gloom and mellow disco beats, the blues weave entrancing patterns that launch you into mirthful worlds. The style has an universal appeal with eternal rhythms and feel-good musical themes. It is interesting to see the marked variety in the sound and texture pallets between the band’s two releases. Don’t forget to check out their first single, Broken Heart!

The unique combination of Australian and American artists includes Michael Paynter of Icehouse, John Watson of James Reyne, John McCall of The Black Sorrows, Randy Jacobs and Shane O’ Mara of Paul Kelly, Pasquale Monea of Stephen Cummings, Jamie Muhoberac of John Mayer, and Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction.

Learn more about the band and its members here – https://satellitetrainband.com/band

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