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Juliette Jemm "Les Rêves"
Juliette Jemm "Les Rêves"
Juliette Jemm "Les Rêves"

Juliette Jemm’s Indie Pop “Les Rêves” Are Dreamy

French musician Juliette Jemm’s latest single Les Rêves is a delightful and quirky indie pop number. The song is the fifth since November as part of her project to release 9 songs in 9 months. Les rêves means dreams in French and this is a French language song.

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The song’s catchy muted guitar riff draws you in immediately, and its upbeat mid-tempo groove and organic instrumentation keep you moving throughout. Jemm’s vocals are strong and confident, delivering the song’s playful and ironic lyrics with conviction. She sings of a single woman who dreams of saving humanity, starting a family with a guy with a Colgate smile, or even becoming a superstar or a mermaid. We get a sense of joy and hope in this ironic and comic expression of ambitions and dreams despite personal limitations. The middle section bridge is a standout moment in the song, showcasing Jemm’s stunning vocal runs set to great harp-like chord voicings. It’s a beautiful and unexpected twist that adds another layer of depth and emotion to the already catchy tune.

The single artwork by Nilgün Özer is also worth noting, with its vivid bright colors and playful depiction of a girl sitting on a pink couch looking out the window with the cat perched aside the window. It perfectly captures the song’s funny and ironic feel reminding you of the movie Amélie. Les Rêves is a wonderful song by Juliette Jemm’s that is fun, funny, and uplifting. In a Wes Anderson like manner, it would bring out the most fresh and colourful of emotions out of you.

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