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BLK – Girl Magic

Toronto-based r&b trio, BLK, released their second EP titled, “Girl Magic”. With and emphasis on intoxicating genre-bending music, this EP has a distinct catchy sound that will leave you wanting to hear more! Bexk, Lilac X and Khatalia-Korahjay (B-L-K) also write and produce their own solo projects, in addition to the trio work. Through their advocacy for female empowerment, BLK hopes to change the narrative surrounding women working together.

Girl Magic EP

BLK doesn’t usually make typical r&b songs with airy, seductive female vocals, so apologies if that’s what you’re expecting!

The intro track, “Pages”, has so much going on musically and is a very interesting listening experience. Featuring a groovy slap bass (maybe picked) and some Ariana-like vocals, track number one has a smooth start. I particularly enjoyed the minute filler elements along with the lush vocal melodies that just sound like they belong together.

“Girls” is an empowering anthem with a dope beat. I like the part where the vocals pause for a moment before getting replaced by the subby-kick at the beginning, but it’s a bit overdone. A catchy electric guitar loop forms the beat along with a deep kick and some great-sounding claves – I’m enjoying the nuances in the production.

Track number three, “Givin Yuh” has a dem bow, afro-like beat that’s kinda springy. I enjoyed the harmonies in this song and the whispers as well – a different vocal space as compared to the previous tracks, though still holding on to their sound. Bad-girl-esque lyrics, with a sensual vibe, make this an ideal club track!

“Don’t Be Greedy” is a bit mellower – has minimal sounds and isn’t too overpopulated in the frequency spectrum. A typical hip-hop beat sidechained with a cool bassline drives this smooth track. One of the girls sounds a bit like Camilla Cabello here, but maybe that’s just me. It is quite pleasing to listen to the distinctively different vocals of the three singers, it’s as if they are sharing their separate stories, but together.

“FWM”, I’m assuming stands for Fuck With Me, (listen to the hook line for more information). The effect processing on this track stood out for me, I like how it’s simple yet effective and glues the elements of the song together. Also, the processed male vocals are a great addition. My favourite track of the EP for sure, the mixing is just wonderful!

One of the most popular tracks on Girl Magic is “Got It”, the final track of the album – probably because of how catchy it is! The electric piano chords are top-notch – loving the composition here, very harmonically rich! The pauses in the beat have been used very effectively to give more emphasis to some parts, a very powerful tool indeed.


I think BLK is going to kill it in their coming releases! They already have a decent fan following and their genre-transcending approach to composition might reel in a bigger audience. I like how the girls have kept a consistent sound throughout the album. By track number four/five your ears are tuned to what BLK offers and you almost know what to expect, in a good way. Listen to the Girl Magic on Spotify!

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