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The Heidi Incident 'Under The Lights'
The Heidi Incident 'Under The Lights'
The Heidi Incident 'Under The Lights'

Lights Up the Dance Floor ‘Under The Lights’ With The Heidi Incident’s Retro Synth Pop

The Heidi Incident, hailing from Reno, Nevada, has burst onto the scene with their debut single “Under The Lights,” and it’s a retro synth pop and synth wave extravaganza that will make you groove all night long. Drawing inspiration from the likes of early Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, James Brown, The 1975, Prince, and Bruno Mars, the band infuses their music with dance-pop, disco, and new wave elements, resulting in an infectious and joyous blend.

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Right from the beginning, “Under The Lights” hooks you with its outstanding vocals. Lead vocalist Matt Vaughan’s delivery is top-notch, bringing life to the phenomenally catchy melodies that will be stuck in your head for days. The song’s writing is on point, showcasing a level of groove that is rare in a debut release. The track’s retro feel evokes a joyful sense of nostalgia, transporting listeners to the era of neon lights and disco balls. It perfectly captures the essence of carefree dancing, with the arrangement locking into a flawless groove that compels you to move your feet and bob your head.

At the heart of “Under The Lights” lies the addictive bass line, skillfully crafted by guitarist and producer Dan Hayes, aka ‘2Forty1.’ The bass drives the song forward, providing a solid foundation for the entire sonic landscape. “Under The Lights” by The Heidi Incident is an incredibly well-written and performed dance-pop gem that guarantees a fun-filled time on the dance floor. Retro vibes and solid songwriting will push this debut single to the top spot on your playlist. So turn up the volume, let the contagious beats take over, and get ready to groove with The Heidi Incident under the neon lights.

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