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nervian society i catch a fire
nervian society i catch a fire

Move to the Beat As Nervian Society’s Electrifying “I Catch a Fire” Lights Up the Night

Meet Nervian Society, a compelling project devoted to their love of dance music. Their music is an appealing blend of disco and electro jams with elements of house music. On stage, they present an electrifying performance as a hybrid live DJ set, delivering a stunning wall of sound with loops, effects, mashups, and modular synths, or as a live show with Elektron machines and a modular synth backed by two excellent vocalists.

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We had a chance to talk to Nervian Society about their latest single, “I Catch A Fire,” and beyond. Read on to know more.

Q: Hey there, Nervian Society! Your new single, “I Catch A Fire,” is lit! Can you tell us about the wild ride that inspired this track and how you managed to “capture the essence of gods dancing and touching the sky?”

A: Originally there was this synth pad with rich harmonics evoking a feeling of mythology, it made me think of this scene in the TV show “American Gods” where gods, demi-gods and heroes are partying in a castle. We worked on this theme with Mien for the lyrics: a night in club by the sea with gods dancing and then never seeing each other again.

Q: How did you create the electrifying fusion found in “I Catch A Fire,” with its distinct musical arrangement that skillfully integrates the violin—a rather unconventional element in an electronic track? Did any funky disco legends influence your sound?

A: Strings are very prominent in Disco: Chic, Silver Convention (Fly Robin Fly), Gloria Gaynor and others, but also Reflekt (Need to Feel Loved) who use a violin sample that brings an incredible emotion to the song. Here it’s a mix between the strings and the vocals with lots of effects and harmonizer, there is also a very aggressive sound made from a sample of voice and a dancing beat.

Q: I loved the sensuous vocal work by Mien. Fits like a glove with the whole ambiance. I’m curious about the decision to incorporate both French and English in the song. Any particular reason that you would like to mention?

A: Thank you for that, the mixing of the vocals was a very interesting thing to do, it had to fit in with the music while making it still stand out. Mien speaks Flemish in her mother tongue, in French she has such a sexy accent that we had to give it a try.

Q: You definitely have some dance music magic going on! How do you manage your fresh and vibrant beats while staying true to the retro vibes?

A: The use of vintage analogue machines like the MPC 60, the Korg Trident, the Prophet VS, our D&D Modules modular synth and also the Elektron Octatrack, which is totally digital, the desire to create catchy melodies and a retro disco house beat, make this music a retro futuristic sound: the old school music of the future.

Q: I read that you put on a killer live show with a wall of sound made of loops, effects, mashups, and modular synths. Have you ever surprised yourselves with a spontaneous, unplanned jam that turned out to be pure gold?

A: Of course, the same music never produces the exact same effect so it’s these kinds of surprises that make the live show so intense. One day we played a set for our neighbours who run a yoga studio, we played energetic tracks with a lot of ambient sounds and used loads of atmospheric effects, people started to go crazy and to explore “body expression” in a vibe of pure freedom for 3 hours, it was nice and unusual.

Q: Any new projects in the pipelines you would like to talk about?`

A: Finishing production on our next single, which will be more of a disco up-tempo track, playing in a band with some kids at a hardcore punk festival in Brussels, some remixes and live shows. And with our brand of modular synth “D&D Modules”, there’s a 16-band vocoder to finish, a crossover for using subs in the studio is being tested right now and so many other machines we will craft and use in our music productions.

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Enjoy listening to “I Catch A Fire” by Nervian Society here.

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