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Balthazard | Once I've Been There | Disco | Defiant
Balthazard | Once I've Been There | Disco | Defiant

Break Free and Dance: Balthazard’s “Once I’ve Been There” Sets the Disco Floor Ablaze with Defiant Grooves!

Disco has always been one of my favorite genres of music. Its one of those defiant styles that gives you the freedom to dance, but also gives you direction. Most of the other styles of electronic music are rigid prisons that restrict movement of the listener to a few sets of moves. Now that’s not groovy, that isn’t fun! That’s a musical jail warden and I don’t want to be jailed. I want to be free. Disco is freedom!

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Balthazard is a London based, Swiss born DJ and producer who is just 23 years old! What a vision for someone that young. It all makes sense when he says that he has grown up listening to Soul, Jazz and Funk records. This track is like an amalgamation of his childhood musical interests into a defiant single that urges the listener to let go and dance. Balthazard has noble intentions with music, similar to that of old-time disco legends – to spread a message of hope and love – rooted in unity on the dancefloor. Now that explains the vibe of the track.

The track starts off with some hi hats and a vocal and synths slithering towards the listener. Until the bassline bursts into the mix sweeping the listener off the ground. Woooooooooooo! That’s exactly what is happening in my mind and I can’t help but scream this out! The track gets groovier and has some really amazing breaks that just make you want to bend your knees and get down!! I love the defiant attitude of the track and the overall mix is top notch. The driving bassline is pushing me to get up and dance while the exotic percussions make me move my hands. The vocals have very nice effects and pour into the mix at all the right time.

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I imagine myself at a beach club dancing away to this tune, eyes closed, sweat dripping from my forehead. A beautiful new single by Balthazard – “Once I’ve Been There” is a must listen. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

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