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V of 40M - Martin Luther
V of 40M - Martin Luther

V of 40M Resuscitates Timeless Revolutionist Ideals in Latest Track, “Martin Luther”

Rapper and hip-hop artist, V of 40M is a revolutionist, using the genre to pioneer societal transformations. The way he sees it, harnessing the power of music and rhythm to propel change and justice is his service to his people, his culture, and himself. With an irrepressible spirit, the artist passes on his dreams and hopes to his listeners, his passion inspiring our own.

In his latest release, Martin Luther, V of 40M travels back to the peak of black revolution, bringing the timeless ideals of leaders like Martin Luther, Malcolm X, and others like them, to this modern era. Listeners of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole are sure to enjoy the visionary work of this artist. 

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The track is crafted to inform and empower. Its rhythm prowls with pride, gracefully elevating V’s message. And his high inflected verses tear the soundscape with angst and emotion. Bouncing synths and ricocheting beats further convey the resilience and strength of his rebellion. 

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 1. You are known for your socially conscious tracks and narratives. What do you want your listeners to take away from this track, Martin Luther?

Motivation, Inspiration and information. I want my people, the Melanites, to overstand the criticality of not only what’s going on but also what necessary of us. The generations prior and the generations to come are depending on us to maximize our particular “window in time” so stop f***ing around and go crazy, 4-way the long way.

 2. What about the hip-hop genre ties in with your revolutionary message and style? And how do you think it carries/conveys your passion?

HipHop has become a language and a means of communication so we use it to communicate with our people. Every sister or brother won’t listen to a speech but they will listen to a song. Where there’s passion, there’s energy. Where there’s energy, there’s power. When you hear the M’s, you hear the passion but more importantly you feel the energy and power. That’s what’s drawn people thus far before the lyrics even hit them.

3. We want to know the artist behind the art. Can you please tell us a little bit about your journey with music?

I’ll give you the Mark Wahlberg version. We was banging on whatever and “spitting” since the teen ages, hell even before that – recording clips on tapes at my Pop and Grandma’s house. But it was M’s that started it all. Debut single, No Church on Sunday hit in 2020 – been on it ever since.

4. What is the significance of your musical moniker V of 40M? And how did it come to be adopted as your artist name?

My name’s V and I rep 40M, so every you time you mention me – you mention them.

 5. What projects/releases do you have lined up for the near future?

“The Score” coming soon, #staytuned. “Melanin” coming soon, #staytuned. Viddies on the way too, heavy on the 4’s – M’s we lit. Tap in with the movement – @Vof40M on all platforms and socials. Black Independence coming soon too, Melanites unite!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Martin Luther by V of 40M here – 

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