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Proklaim-Reason 2 Believe
Proklaim-Reason 2 Believe
Proklaim-Reason 2 Believe

Proklaim brings lyrical ecstasy with his hip-hop masterpiece, “Reason 2 Believe”

Proklaim uses an approach to hip-hop that is of the past. It is an incredible lyrical, surgical and poetic approach only real talent uses, and excels at. With his slew of singles and toes dipped in each style, he has made quite a name for himself. This is his latest single, called Reason 2 Believe. 

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Call it premonition, call it doubt. There’s no reason to go without. Proklaim uses his sharp writing to navigate a beat smartly and efficiently. There are parts of the song where the minimal background bleeds into place. In this time, you can genuinely enjoy his words. The chords will give you goosebumps, because of the route it takes. It is image heavy, scenic and stylish- a signature to a style he has honed for long. This musician preaches truths we all choose to ignore as a society. The originality bleeds through as he counts on “untouchable” topics that can create a splash and impact. Singles like Around and all eyez have established his sound as one that encourages a certain amount of thought with music. Synth pads accent his flow, making for an exciting song. Rhymes that fit the times.

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Proklaim has brought some explosive verses with the kinds of songs he has performed. There is a lot to feel in the words he uses and chooses. A rapper like this has recognised the game, and upped himself to a level where the pedestal shines below. Listen to his single with us and follow him for more like this!

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