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Kellan., Webb Wavy ­– Annie Adderall |

Seattle, Washington-based producer, rapper, singer and multi-genre producer Kellan. recently came out with his first track of the year – “Annie Adderall” in collaboration with artist Webb Wavy. Kellan is a classically-trained percussionist and a poet who writes about a range of themes in his songs such as love, depression, passion and politics. Known for his hard-hitting beats and intricate lyricism, the rapper (formerly known as K-Rad), doesn’t ever disappoint with his releases! His tracks like “Awol” and “Free Girl” are fan favourites, with over 100k streams on Spotify, and his new single fits right in with his vibrant discography; a great addition to your Rap playlists.

The track begins with a very uplifting, feel-good guitar progression that sets the mood for Kellan’s verse. He comes in with a groovy percussion loop and some tight drums to support his Eminem-like flow. With solid vocal runs and masterfully produced beats, Kellan raps confidently and sets up for a satisfying drop “…I got the gas if it weren’t on fumes /  I got the last word in the room”. The chorus features energetic instrumentation that fills up the soundscape completely. Listen to the arpeggiated synths playing around with the harmonies in the back for some ear candy!

Webb Wavy comes in strong in the second verse, fitting right in with the loud kick that keeps the track going. His bars flow similar to Flo Rida’s if you ask me, but Wavy sure has a strong and unique undertone to his voice and creates his own feel here. It’s great how both the rappers complement each other’s parts so excellently on this track. With every chorus, “Annie Adderall” gets more and more energetic, and I must say, the final drop is a banger that you don’t want to miss out on. Listen to Kellan’s latest release on some great speakers, you’ll thank me later!


Q1 – “Annie Adderall” showcases a tight rap performance and intricate instrumentation, really loved how all the elements work excellently with each other; a top-notch production! What inspired you to write this track?

Flat out the pandemic. It was all about romanticizing what we were missing in isolation. People, energy, loud music, and going crazy after a hard days night. 

Q2 – With a mix of hip-hop, rap and rock, the track is very hard-hitting and upbeat, making it all the more engaging. What comes first when you write songs, the music or the lyrics?

It’s a dice roll and a mood. If i’m feeling the beat and something comes to mind, I start writing. But sometimes you don’t have headphones or speakers, and have the need to say something! In which case, no beat needs, just start writing anyway.

Q3 – If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist on a remixed version of “Annie Adderall”, who would you choose and why?

I’ve heard a few Robert Delong remixes and they’re fire. He’s an inspiration, and also a Washington native. I would love to have him do his thing on the track.

Q4 – What was it like collaborating with Webb Wavy on this track? Do you prefer writing music alone or in collaboration, and what advice do you have for musicians who have just started out?

Honestly, I’m a fucking hermit. I write alone most of the time. But, when I hear a beat or a song that needs little extra seasoning, I know I gotta call on one of the homies. Webb has never disappointed. Straight fire every time.

For musicians starting out, I’d say learn as much as you can. Consume, take notes, and ask yourself what is working and not working in your tracks. Then focus, align , and attack. 

Q5 – With another amazing banger added to your discography, it’s not surprise that Kellan’s fans are eager to hear more! Do you have any plans for an EP or Album in the future?

Fuck no! It’s all about singles and one off tracks! Haha, but that’s only because that’s modern marketing makes it easier to grow that way. If I had it my way, I’d be conceptual as fuck and only do albums. But that’s the game! Gotta play to win

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