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ML F3LLS-Thoughts of the Lost Youth: The rebirth (act 1)
ML F3LLS-Thoughts of the Lost Youth: The rebirth (act 1)
ML F3LLS-Thoughts of the Lost Youth: The rebirth (act 1)

ML F3LLS-Thoughts of the Lost Youth: The rebirth (act 1) | Claim the stage

You can’t find anything on ML F3LLS to know what he’s about. All that speaks for him is his music. No Spotify bio, no additional data. From Long Island,NY- this man aims to create an experience. This is his triple A side release, Thoughts of the Lost Youth: The rebirth (act 1). Let’s find out this enigma’s drive to success.

The first single released is way up (what u need). This is a track that deep dives into the personality or shadow that is ML F3LLS. The track follows a hip-hop beat that is common, followed by lyrics that are not. This is setting the stage, creating a personality and bringing about a positive change- a chase towards dreams. With heavy hitting beats and lyrics that reclaim his position, he’s created a concrete pedestal for the foundation.

On time changes the sound and effect. Using what could be industrial style sound, this track displays the aggression through just the progression and arrangement. Strings and phased in effects allow it to be a dystopian clairvoyance. It crosses the half minute mark before the beats set in, and the warm up is over. He has seized the moment to create something that is worth it, and he’s definitely on time. Recorded in SubCat studios in Syracuse, NY, this artist has made sure the quality is top shelf.

Back to my roots changes his tone and notes again, almost to a science fiction film score. The eerie background score is what sets the tone for the song, and not the lyrics as of yet. The lyrics border on atrociousness in parts, but ML F3LLS knows when to withdraw and when to hit harder. This album is his ID card, and he has the right drop the mic deep with how he’s executed the first act. We’re waiting for the next.

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