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Viben - Intro To Scuba, Pt. 1
Viben - Intro To Scuba, Pt. 1

Viben – Funk Duster | Groovy Funk

Viben is a Scuba Funk musician who plays with The Submersibles, based in Austin, Texas. The music is phenomenal, almost as if sent by the gods themselves. While the subs have been pretty active, they also play a lot of live shows which you can probably catch them at if you’re ever around them. With a relatively short discography, the subs are always getting ready to play their instruments.

Their debut album features the song Funk Duster, which probably doesn’t get enough attention. The groovy rhythm laid down by the drums and bass is brilliant. With a Gorillaz-like sound, Viben and The Submersibles know how to set the mood. The synths and instrumentals do a brilliant job at setting the tone for the track. The hypnotic rhythms are pretty psychedelic while Viben hits you with his voice that sounds oddly like 2-D (Damon Albarn). However, the music is certainly top-tier and deserves a far greater audience. With a load of talent and a brilliant set, Viben and The Submersibles will, certainly, take you on a trip.

The lads have got shows coming up and it would be much easier to check out their Spotify profile to discover when and where they are playing. I would get my ticket if I were you. They’ve certainly got the music to get you vibing. All you have to do is be there.

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