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James Gardin-Trophies
James Gardin-Trophies
James Gardin-Trophies

James Gardin-Trophies | Flash the gold

James Gardin is one smooth criminal. It has to be illegal to have such catchy numbers with your name printed as a contributor every time. But this is the height of excellence. The precipice of creativity and successful songwriting. If a TED talk is being given on sharp songwriting by Pulitzer winner Kendrick Lamar, you better bet James Gardin is sharing that stage with him. This is his latest release, Trophies.

The Groove Collection is a hard one to top. His 2020 album features such infectiously good songs, with killer backgrounds and James Gardin doing his most experienced songwriting to date. Luckily, he is his own best challenger. Trophies has a sexy hook, a sax rhythm that repeats itself through the song. It is the songs train track. Gardin manages to take us through the sites in typical fashion, with huge drum pounds during breakdowns and his only wish be granted. He wants his medals and his trophies. Some might say he’s already got them, metaphorically.

To write such a simple melody and have a verse and chorus section people will have memorized in no time is key. James knows this, he has been doing this quite long. He’s had his music featured in advertisements and television features and has shared the stage with the biggest names in hip-hop. He’s climbing to the throne, and its made of memorabilia. Get a photo of him biting that gold he’s earned.

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