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5ON5 - Let You Go | Smooth
5ON5 - Let You Go | Smooth

5ON5 – Let You Go | Smooth

5ON5 is a music project of 4 ardent Berlin musicians that come from unique backgrounds and generations and have teamed up together to create nothing but magic. Their songs have a tint of freshness that makes them stand out and gives them that much-needed authenticity to make them feel musically convincing. 

5ON5 recently released a song called Let You Go which is something that feels like rain after days of dry spells. It is a sonically satisfying number that features beautiful soundscapes woven together in a great way to portray many feelings and sensations. You would love how every bit of Let You Go fills up your soul because that’s the kind of musical element it contains. With charming and mellow tunes, Let You Go seems to easily please the listener. 

The song is slow-paced and is actually quite calming. Even though it is a song that might come off as simple, it is anything but that. The complex layers of brilliant tunes and beats are concocted in just the right way. The production has been done brilliantly and that’s the reason why nowhere would you feel that things are getting a little over the top. 

Let You Go is a song that has amazing lyrics too. And when sung beautifully, it executes the motive of the track in just the perfect manner. With great melodies, muffled beats, beautifully woven soundscapes, rich sound effects, and amazing vocals, Let You Go makes for a song that shouldn’t be missed out. 

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