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Everdeen – Do You Wanna Play (Acoustic)
Everdeen – Do You Wanna Play (Acoustic)

Everdeen – Do You Wanna Play (Acoustic) | Fire In Serenity

Germany based power pop band Everdeen come with the acoustic rendition of their addictive pop number Do You Wanna Play. The original dazzling and infectious number had managed to be part of the soundtrack for the German film Alle für Ella. The band Everdeen consists of San Franciscan Ian Stahl and Turkish/German singer Sümeyra in California. They both moved to Stuttgart where they met local drummer Thommy Mross and bassist Danny Pflumm.

Here Everdeen reworks the dance-oriented synth layers into a simple fingerpicked acoustic based arrangement. Without the frills of elaborate synth production, we get a pristine acoustic song with Sümeyra’s mesmerizing vocals at the core. Beyond the fancy facade of elaborate production, in the core acoustic form, we get to hear the tight core songwriting. Raucous and powerful in its style, in this arrangement, the more subtle and hidden emotions in the song come out. Everdeen has managed to create a buzz in the music scene in Southern Germany.

The high-paced pop feel of the song transforms incredibly well into the stripped down arrangement. We get a more paced down and calm interpretation in this particular style. Lyrically the song deals with clear communication with the narrator wanting to know whether their lover is serious. Everdeen manages to fuse dreamwave with synth pop to an acoustic arrangement. With a different pace and aura, the song still manages to shine and rock through. Whether acoustic or synth, the song is watertight in its core melody and chordal arrangement. Do You Wanna Play (Acoustic) is a tight pop song which transcends arrangements,

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