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Near Death Experience (NDX)- Living
Near Death Experience (NDX)- Living
Near Death Experience (NDX)- Living

Near Death Experience (NDX)- Living | Summer Swing

Near Death Experience (NDX) are a group that can’t stop, won’t stop. I’ve enjoyed every one of their singles, and have got to review their prior releases from this year, Underground and Found. This is their latest swingin’ number, Living. Let’s dive into what makes it a feel good summer track.

As summer draws to an end, you need to write it a fitting ode. Granted, this is one summer that’s been brutal, but it brings its fair share of fun. Living starts with a crowd charming “ooh yeah”, which also comprises the chorus. The funky resolve is in the verse section, having pop based elements with psychedelic tones really well ironed out in the track. Like all their other lyrics, there are rays of positivity that shine through with ease. This is one track that can get the whole stadium on their toes.

Near Death Experience (NDX) have garnered quite a faithful fan following since their Glastonbury performance. Owing to the style of their songs and the cheerful disposition the tracks have, people seem to have been hooked to the idea of these veterans showing them how music is made. Found and Conquer are fan favourites, with streams for the other tracks growing regularly. Come, join in on the positivity!

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