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Tyler Garrett | Old Flames | Electro Pop
Tyler Garrett | Old Flames | Electro Pop

Tyler Garrett – Old Flames | MJ

What kind of music would Michael Jackson have made if he was still with us today? I think it would something like what Tyler Garrett has been putting out. His latest single ‘Old Flames’ will make anyone reminisce about MJ.

Tyler Garrett is a LA based songwriter who has combines a unique set of influences to create his own twist on electronic pop. He started off his singing career by participating in the youth choir where he eventually became a singer. He spent years working on his singing and developing himself for ‘The Voice’.  Tyler is an independent artist who has a unique style due to his multitude of influences and has also given him the ability to think outside the box!

‘Old Flames’ starts off with a really nice retro tape atmosphere and some distorted drum beat that is perfectly accentuated by a rumbling bass line. The whole track is being pushed forward by this bassline and perfectly arranged with some really nice one-shots that pop up time to time. The impacts and transitions are just professional and the overall good mixing makes this track really stand out. The vocals are really meaningful and the effects on the vocal give it a very nice touch. Especially during the hook, you can hear the vocals with a nice reverb tail. The random ‘oooos’ make you think of MJ and his signature style. A really nice take on retro electronic pop with a lot of influence from MJ’s music.

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