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Gnarfunkel-A Million Monkeys
Gnarfunkel-A Million Monkeys
Gnarfunkel-A Million Monkeys

Gnarfunkel-A Million Monkeys | Genre-gel

Kudos on that name. I could write a whole article about it, and it would be money well spent. However, we’re here to talk about their music. With a cocktail whipped up from the most unlikely drinks, this band has been making waves. Their latest single A Million Monkeys does not disappoint either. Gnarfunkel. What a name.

Now that I’m not hungover the name, let me explain how much fun A Million Monkeys is. Listen to it as any other rock fusion track. That is what I did. However, you tend to delve deeper into some layers you would ignore as someone listening to this in their pastime. Elements of funk and alt-rock play a game of backgammon in your ear, as you try to develop an acquired taste. I listened to this track several times to enjoy it like I do beer.

An unlikely shift is heard during the chorus, as my ears have been soiled so with the eccentric droppings that is pop. I enjoyed this moment a lot, an unexpected jump in sound. The slide guitar adding the blues element works as well, as the vocals glide through with fun, carefree lyrics. Take Me to The Ocean and Painter’s Block have been their most streamed songs on Spotify. My petition is to make this great too.

In the past two years, they’ve been riding white hot. Their layered rhythm section is signature, elements of genres blend together effortlessly. This group is on to great, fun-loving music and I for one cannot wait. Gnarfunkel. What a name.

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