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Raffael Seyfried - Falling
Raffael Seyfried - Falling

Raffael Seyfried – Falling | Epiphanic

Raffael Seyfried is perhaps en route stringing together a full-length album with the release of another single — Falling — adding on to his discography the sixth consecutive single following his 2019 masterpiece Unbearable Darkness. Seyfried’s website tells us his interests in the experimental fusion of electronic and acoustic that usher warm and introspective soundscapes. With a runtime of four minutes, Falling manages to create that simulated sonic soundscape capable of immersive ability. The track is characteristic of its unrestricted genre, although we do identify the usage of an underlying bass swept over by the melancholic synth waves and electronic pinpricks. Falling is inherently cinematic — an instrumental marvel made for the pensive dysphoria, almost dystopic and morbid. Seyfried’s music is not devoid of its art-rock and post-rock elements, especially with its understandably improvised arrangement — very similar to earlier Frusciante and contemporary artists such as Sigur Rós. Accurately named, the song is capable of emoting the sensation of descending into this unfathomably cavernous sonic cavity where we meet all our regrets, passions, emotions and future. A track deserving of many great ears, it evokes similar feelings as any track that one may find in epiphanic moments of a Nolan movie. 

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