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“Egyptian Summer”, by Good Strangers: A class-act in indie music

Good Strangers is an Irish indie band set to make waves in the music scene with their exciting new project. Comprised of lead singers Niamh and Conor, the band draws inspiration from their experiences touring, traveling, and attending festivals, celebrating the sense of community they’ve encountered along the way. On their debut single, “Egyptian Summer”, they present an offering unlike much else. Keep reading for my thoughts!

“Egyptian Summer” is captivating. An indie gem that weaves together soft-mannered intimacy and raw power, it succeeds in creating a beautiful musical experience. The song features beautiful vocalists who deliver a sense of gentleness and vulnerability, while the harmony brings forth an emotive and powerful presence that adds depth to the composition.

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The production of the track is reminiscent of pop rock, with distorted rhythm guitar riffs that proudly ring out, complementing the prominent vocal harmonies that breathe life into the song. The blending of these elements creates a rich and engaging sonic tapestry that captivates the listener from start to finish.

The drumming in “Egyptian Summer” plays a crucial role, holding the entire song together with its steady 4-on-the-floor style. The occasional switches to a halftime breakdown and well-placed fills add flair and excitement to the rhythmic foundation. The combination of acoustic drums with electronic pads is a delightful touch, adding an extra layer of texture and intrigue to the overall sound. The bass also deserves recognition for providing a solid foundation in tandem with the drums. Together, they create a tight rhythm section that drives the song forward, allowing the vocalists to shine.

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The mixing of “Egyptian Summer” is a standout aspect, with a wide and expansive soundstage that retains power and panache where needed. The delightful saturated warmth and subtle lo-fi vibe add a unique and charming character to the song, immersing the listener. I’m in love!

Overall, “Egyptian Summer” by Good Strangers is a song of many sounds, all in one– that all are married to create something that will sit in my playlist for a long time. Check out the song here!

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