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“Spit You Out”, by Frederick, the First: Sweet, like desserts are!

As an artist based in Los Angeles with roots in Minneapolis, Frederick, the First brings a fresh and exciting musical style to the table. The blend of delicious harmonies and inventive musical choices make his style rather difficult to describe. His latest single “Spit You Out” is a certified bop in of itself. Keep reading for my thoughts!

“Spit You Out” by Frederick, the First is an energetic pop song that instantly hooks you in. The bassline is the standout element, driving the song with its catchy groove that keeps you moving. Frederick’s singing style and overall performance remind me of the lively vibe in Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”– meant as a compliment, of course!

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The song’s funky guitar parts that come in later add a cool and playful touch, making the track even more interesting. The lyrics are carefree and bold, holding nothing back and adding to the song’s charm. What makes “Spit You Out” really special is its innovative production. The vocal harmonies are crafted with skill, giving the song a rich and dynamic sound. Frederick’s approach to arranging and composing is unique, making it hard to put this song into a specific box.

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There are tiny touches all across the record that constantly keep reminding of the listener of the prowess that has gone into the production, which is keeping in line with Frederick’s other tracks, like “The Weirdest One”, among others. On this song, the clever use of varied elements that one would rather easily disregard if on their own, all come together to create something just… unique, and irresistible.

Overall, “Spit You Out” is a fantastic pop track that captures youthful and upbeat vibes. Frederick, the First’s talent and creativity shine through in every aspect of the song, making it a memorable and enjoyable listening experience. This song has all the elements to make it a rising star in the music world. Check out the song here!

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