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“JASMINE IS” Delivers a Resplendent Electro-Pop Single with “Love of Money”

“JASMINE IS” is a dance pop / electronic music artist and singer-songwriter who is gifted with the ability to trace moods with melodies. “JASMINE IS” delves into the balancing act that is life in her sophomore single, “Love of Money.” The British artist focuses on the energy, amplifying it with thumping beats and pyro builds that rides the listener to multiple highs. With a bopping rhythm and synthetic vocal bloom, the track elevates the mood and transforms the vibe. 

It is incredible how the artist is able to absorb the listener so completely into the soundscape. With eclectic builds and intricate ambient design, she crafts atmospheres with sonics that inundates the mind and body. JASMINE IS debuted earlier this year with her single, Miss You While I’m Sleeping and is getting ready to release her debut album, HEAR in collaboration with producer, Philip Larsen. The artist describes the collection of songs as “rooms in a house”. Each one is fitted with its unique style and energy to cater to a range of moods from tranquil ruminations to power-pop dances. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to “Love of Money” by “JASMINE IS” here – 

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