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An organised chaos of sheer technical brilliance: Blind Man’s Daughter on “Mirage Harmer”

Progressive metal is one of those genres that can safely be classified as a ‘brain-heavy’ genre; what I mean by that, is that it takes a certain kind of neuron in your head to be able to write complex sections, much more be able to truly understand the dalliances between the various time signatures, melodic schemes, and playing techniques. Blind Man’s Daughter, a progressive melodic outfit from Albuquerque, New Mexico, do just that on “Mirage Harmer”. As a thorough progressive metal nut, keep reading about how much I love this song.

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The sound of this track, from the very first second, presents itself as complex, and layered with smart use of bit-crushed synths (quote, Machinae Supremacy on Deus Ex Machina) and an almost homely feeling coming by with the chemistry between the drummer and the guitarist, in an almost TesseracT-like fashion. I mean all of this as a compliment, for those two bands are by far a couple of the most experimental prog bands there are, and the hallmark of a good prog track, if you asked me, was the elegance of experimentation.

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Ashley Wolfe, the vocalist, delivers a solid performance with her wafty, almost cinematic quality, coupled with her great sustained notes, which seem to fit the bill rather elegantly for a track of this stature, creating an almost-calm-amidst-the-chaos that I came to quite appreciate during my time listening to this track. The play with complex rhythmic sections is also laudable here, with the excellent guitar work becoming the cherry atop the cake– the cake, here, being the solid foundation of progressive rock that “Mirage Harmer” manages to get right by miles.

In case it was not clear already, this song left me a bigger fan of progressive rock than ever before, and I’m sure to keep my ears out for any new material from this bunch; as should you. “Mirage Harmer” by Blind Man’s Daughter gets my two-thumbs-up recommendation! Certified headbanger, really. Check out the track here!

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