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The Dust Collectors' Outside In
The Dust Collectors' Outside In
The Dust Collectors - Outside In

Outside In, the Dust Collectors’ Debut Album Is a Treat to the Lovers of Country, Folk Music

Get ready to groove to some out-and-out country and alternative folk music through the amazing songs of the latest album by The Dust Collectors, Outside In. Comprising four members, The Dust Collectors are guitar player, vocalist Matt Easton, Steve Rozitis on bass guitar and vocals, drummer Scott Stolee, and keys, mandolin, and guitar player Luke Giblin, both of whom also contribute equally as vocalists.

Hailing from the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, the members of this band have been long-time friends playing separately in a variety of different bands, honing their individual musical skills. Soon after, an excellent decision to move on from garage jams to serious songwriting, The Dust Collectors, came into existence. Since the year 2018, the band has been consistently recording and playing across Calgary. Their latest debut album Outside In is a wonderful example of the individual musical talents of the band members.

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Let us know some more about the songs of this album!

Outside In, The Dust Collectors’ latest album, consists of fourteen beautiful tracks and runs for a span of about forty-three minutes and twenty-one seconds. All the songs in this album are different from each other and boast the authentic feel of soul-satisfying and heart-melting country folk music in its varied forms. Besides, the beautiful compositions of the songs are also lyrically soul-pleasing. In precise terms, one is sure to have a lot of fun while listening to these tracks because, in the sense of both music and lyrics, they are very easy to connect with.

However, one remarkable thing about The Dust Collectors is that, as mentioned above, all the members equally contribute to vocals. Therefore, four-part harmony, much like what you would find in several tracks of The Beatles, is a cakewalk for this band of four musician friends, and their album Outside In has some tracks that will surely impress you with the vocal harmonies they come with.

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So don’t wait any longer and check out The Dust Collector’s debut album, Outside In. You can listen to the album here:

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