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Juna N Joey-'Til Your Heart Breaks
Juna N Joey-'Til Your Heart Breaks
Juna N Joey-'Til Your Heart Breaks

Juna N Joey-‘Til Your Heart Breaks | A ballad that lives on

Last night I heard a track of an unlikely tango between two very different voices. The song is the 1989 hit by Peter Cetera & Cher, After All. I have heard both of these artists separately, but never on a single track. I was taken aback by the sound I heard. Juna N Joey have sparked similar fireworks in my heart. This is their single, ‘Til Your Heart Breaks.

I can apologize to 75% of this reading audience for such an outdated reference. The rest lie in the grey area of the benefit of doubt. Many newer artists have had wonderful collaborations as well, but a love song takes you back to the 80s. Using the accompaniment of a piano and strings in the eventual progression, Juna N Joey create a scene of romance and heartbreak all in one song. The duration? 3:25 or as long as you think about it.

They’ve release 2 albums, Volume 1 and 3 in 2019 and Covid Covers in 2020. Each of these albums shows incredible progress from this duo, and we get to hear a whole lot of heart and emotion in all their songs. The compassion in their voice and complement off of each other’s pitch is what creates a formidable tone that stays in your psyche. They’ve also released another single, Something Good to Miss, as a double A side.

The reference could have been Josh Groban and Adele also. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. However, this is an old soul with the poetry of experience. Cetera & Cher it is.

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