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“Vaari Vaari”, by Sahana Naresh: An idyllic symphony of styles

There are very few styles of music that resonate with my inner thinker quite like classical music, be it of any geography. Classical music, to me, is the confluence of the thought philosophies that make it what it is– as I alluded to, an idyllic river of emotion, of technical ability, and above all, the obeisance to which place it originates from. “Vaari Vaari”, is a refreshing blend of technically creamy Hindustani vocals with some peppy electronic music. Keep reading for my thoughts!

As one opens the door to this track, they are introduced to Sahana’s clean, clear vocals that seem to hit every note– and flow between them– with an effortless grace as the synths build in a crescendo behind her, before the whole stage gains the jive of a very laid-back, uptempo drum-n-bass vibe, the transition in style something I found absolutely delightful and tastefully done. Well done, producer!

The work with the vocal chops gives this track a distinct Ritviz-esque sound, and I mean that with all the love in the world– because it is absolutely beautifully executed, with no loose ends as Sahana’s alaap forms the most unique form of ad-lib I have witnessed in this style of song.

The mix stands out as well-balanced, giving the vocals all the room in the world to be the exemplary showcase of technical and emotive ability that they are– and this decision, in my opinion, goes a long way to making this track the absolute jolt of electric energy (gently, however) that it is. Check out “Vaari Vaari” by Sahana Naresh here!

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