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Patient Lounge - Hard Truth
Patient Lounge - Hard Truth
Patient Lounge - Hard Truth

Patient Lounge – Hard Truth | Eye of the storm

We all remember the time Polyphia broke into the fore with their genre defying take on metal. One other act, in another part of the world, achieved a unique sound, but the music industry is unforgiving. This indie act is Patient Lounge, and they are easily the most underrated act of the year I’ve listened to, This is their latest single, Hard Truth.

With a bellowing, arpeggio riff, you know the attack is for the kill. The purpose is driven, the vocals are honey smooth, and there is a near impossible balance achieved in their composition. The guitars fade into the smoke for the opening verse, coming back with a volatile boom. You expect the bridge to be drawn from the verse, but they take an exciting left, changing the progression to something driven. Like a boxer’s dance, this band knows everybody needs a show for the next round. Forever evolving, this track is Patient Lounge at their best in terms of experimental folds.

While All You Want remains their lightning in a bottle, Hard Truth is on par in terms of execution and rhythm. I know it is silly to compare songs, but I’ve never felt a compulsion to know the story of a band more. Take a look at Patient Lounge creating magic with their latest single here:

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