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Carsten Schnell’s I Have Been Waiting
Carsten Schnell’s I Have Been Waiting
Carsten Schnell - I Have Been Waiting

Carsten Schnell’s I Have Been Waiting Is a Wholesome Musical Treat to Blues Lovers

The magic of blues music never fails to captivate the listeners and hook them in right from start to finish. The feet-tapping rhythms and soulful melodies and lyrics add spice to these songs. So if you are one of those dedicated blues listeners, the latest single by Carsten Schnell, I Have Been Waiting is a song that you must listen. Carsten is a music composer with exemplary training in classical music and besides that he has always been an ardent fan the blues. Therefore the elements of this genre are heavily present in his tracks.

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I Have Been Waiting, Carsten Schnell‘s latest single is a pure classic blues song with all the traditional elements that instantly give you the vibes of authentic Chicago blues tunes. The tight shuffle groove is a firm foundation to the rhythm of the song and the drums will surely force you to tap your feet throughout the track. Besides the strong rhythm section, the other two brilliant things to mention are undoubtedly the guitar and the piano as these two instruments add the soul to the song along with the amazing vocals.

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So if you are on the lookout for a modern-day blues song with the core authenticity of the genre, Carsten Schnell‘s I Have Been Waiting is the song you must check out. You can listen to this beautiful track here:

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