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Stephen Lavine – Midnight Manic Thoughts | Soulful

Stephen Lavine is a singer and songwriter with unique music styles suited for all kinds of moods. With his rich soundscapes, he has garnered quite some love and attention from his fans. His latest single, Midnight Manic Thoughts explores intense musical elements and revolves around the theme of melancholy. 

Midnight Manic Thoughts is an intense acoustic track with rich indie flavours that you would absolutely devour if you are into laid back music. Even otherwise, the song has so much for you to explore. The melancholic theme of the song is enticing in itself. Even though the song is deep and melancholic, it will complement your blues perfectly. If you are looking for a song that is not only sombre yet will make you calm and zen and will be a solace, Midnight Manic Thoughts, is your song!

Intense tunes, subtle pauses, divine sounds, make this track mesmerizing. The song has an almost transcendental effect on you because it feels so peaceful. Moreover, excellent work has been done on production. Because, nothing feels over the top, or irregular. Everything has been mixed together perfectly. Therefore, the elements in this track come to the surface just the way they should, for you to enjoy everything slowly, at your own pace. 

The excellent vocals of Stephen Lavine add to the whole zen effect. The lyrics are such that they will make you soft in the best of ways only to make you feel better at the end of it. 

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