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Antisolar-Drifting | Panoramic

Antisolar are a project that manage to create superb pieces of music from lightyears away. The two artists, Olivier Raynal & Andrew Doolittle have founded a spark of talent and composition in each other. From thousands of miles away, they make this project work. Antisolar release their newest single, called Drifting.

This group has parallel projects, but never shuns their passion. Drifting is a powerful, hard-hitting barrage of strings, layered melodies and digital dissonance. Whatever they couldn’t produce with the sound of the guitar, they employ digitally. The drums latch on to the groove easily, providing spicy fills that keep the excitement of the song going. The chorus has an unusual chord progression which allows the chorus to spill into the next verse. Very rare, and very masterfully composed.

Antisolar have released other tracks that haven’t gotten any attention. With the fictional theme they embrace with real world harnesses, they have created a powerful spearhead for a project. Awake & Do We Tremble at Night has gotten some traction. Their project is worth listening to at a stretch-to derive the cosmic energy. From distorted guitars with curated tones and rhythmic assembly that is rare to hear nowadays, Antisolar are making the dent you have to watch out for.

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