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John Goldrust-Like A Phoenix From A Fire
John Goldrust-Like A Phoenix From A Fire
John Goldrust-Like A Phoenix From A Fire

John Goldrust inspires with his acoustic gem of a single, “Like A Phoenix From A Fire”

John Goldrust writes the poems that seem to have been forgotten. A true renaissance musician, he creates memorable melodies with his simple and effortless transitions. Well, so they seem-with the kind of ease he executes them. This is his single, Like A Phoenix From A Fire. 

A catchy acoustic delight

Armed with just the acoustic and simple percussion, John Goldrust gives us a pretty analogy about re-emergence. It is turning over a new leaf, reinventing yourself and leaving a past behind for a better future. The chord progression is as simple as it gets, and his vocals have rhythm too. You feel yourself swinging to the innate beat of the song, whether the percussive elements can be heard or not. They can definitely be felt.

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John is borrowing from those years of wild success The Beatles had. He is writing songs that get ingrained in your brain after one listen. You can enjoy the feel of the song from the first time on you’ve heard it, and you know it is going to be a good one. His latest single is out, called Happy By Design. From what I’ve heard, he keeps the beautiful positivity and refreshing outlook on life going. Kudos, John Goldrust. 

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You can listen to his singles on his Spotify and follow for more music that is definitely to come. This is the kind of music John can play and sell out a stadium. All he needs is the power of melody and arrangement. Go ahead and enjoy the single here with us!:

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