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Tahjae-Rules | Points to note

Tahjae can navigate a beat like a formula race car driver. Not only is he smooth on the turns, but he absolutely annihilates the stretch. His rap has a natural flow that seasoned rappers sometimes lack. With lyrics that are relatable but uniquely phrased as only he can do, this is Rules, from his 2020 album, Long Overdue

The background is the sticky cheese that Tahjae will season. It can go any way with this trap beat, but this artist likes to deconstruct a groove. Rules almost has a swing that Lamar gave in Humble or DNA. The verse is a river flow that you feel in every turn, through every swerve. As the beats explore dynamism, he goes harder-adding more elements with the styles he explores. As he lays down these rules, it becomes clear who is the boss here. His way of totally understanding the structure within which he will deliver his poetry is insane. You could minus the beat, and hear the same kind of flow maintained, like frozen music. 

Though this has gone on to become his most popular track, he has some great music in store. ZaZa and Focus are some lyrical gems, while having an intense, energetic background. His latest single Cant FWY tries to break through his genre board a little more, understanding the depths of his own talent and exploring it. There is a lot this artist will bring to the table, and it is only half full. Prepare for a feast of epic proportions: 

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