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“The Times We Had”, by Ingmar King: Soulful, powerful pop, packaged into delicacy

Ingmar King, a remarkable artist who embarked on his musical journey with classical violin and piano training at the tender age of six, has recently unveiled his latest single, ‘The Times We Had’, which, according to King himself, is one of his best works to date. How? Keep reading for my thoughts!

This evocative composition draws inspiration from both contemporary music icons like Adele and legendary figures like Queen’s Freddie Mercury. In a harmonious blend of styles, Ingmar’s music seamlessly melds modern pop sensibilities with the enduring allure of classic melodies, creating a unique and captivating musical experience that resonates with audiences of all generations.

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When it comes to “The Times We Had”, it is his voice that rings through one’s ears nad permeates one’s mind from the very first second, as he delivers beautiful, cathartic themes in an acoustic lullaby for the first half of the song, where we’re exposed to his delectable vocal texture, and his impressively wide range. Once the story is prefaced with that, King decides to surprise us with a beautifully executed, pristine-sounding rock outro, which immediately reminded me of Freddie Mercury of Queen fame.

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The production remains delightfully detailed with great piano parts in the first half of the song, that play perfect compliment to the powerhouse that is King’s voice. All throughout “The Times We Had”, we see a delicate dance between the instruments and his voice, making for a particularly elegant and pleasant combination that I quite liked.

The outro, in my opinion, makes the song all the more beautiful, taking it from the operatic to the downright lightning-in-a-bottle kind of number that would get any crowd in the world singing and moving. The mixing and the mastering complements this excellently with great space in the mix, and a buttery smooth chaoin on his voice that makes things that much better.

Overall, “The Times We Had” by Ingmar King is easily a two-thumbs-up recommendation. Check out the song here!

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