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Confessions by Candlelight- Tasha Blackmore
Confessions by Candlelight- Tasha Blackmore

Country Artist “Tasha Blackmore” Delivers a Heartfelt Soliloquy with Latest Single, “Confessions by Candlelight”

Tasha Blackmore is a Country/Pop Singer-Songwriter living in Northumberland, UK. Her acoustic soundscapes trace the outlines of the beautiful story the lyrics tell. Tempered by the sweet passion of her vocals, the melodies converge at emotional crossroads that float the listener’s mind back to old loves and slow heartbreaks. In many ways, her music is an extension of her. Drawing from personal experiences and feelings, the sentiment that fills up her canvases are real and true. In her latest release, Confessions by Candlelight, Tasha Blackmore professes a love. Brimming out of her, the track is weaved with intimate country styles and mellow pop accents that is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift. 

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The track is composed of drizzling acoustics and melting vocals. Tasha’s confessional vocals drip with the country warmth and nostalgia as it captures winking keys and cascades over sweeping cello melodies. And the tender lyricism plays just as important a role as the delivery. Its simplicity and heartfelt stories elevate the listening experience. The artist debuted in 2011 with her Blue Bird EP, following it up with a single in 2012 – Permanent Memory. After a hiatus of nine years, she made a comeback in 2021 with High Time and has since released three singles, with each telling a beautiful story. 

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The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Confessions by Candlelight by Tasha Blackmore here – 

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