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“Moments of Clarity”, by Diveakssh Schae: A concept album like none other

I have always believed in the narrative that music is supposed to be a transcendental experience. Music, by its very nature, possesses the power to transport, to make you imagine things that you might not have imagined possible, or witnessed in your daily life. There are so many examples of such records– yet, when I listened to “Moments of Clarity” by Diveakssh Schae, there are no words I could have otherwise used to describe it, save for the ones I choose to use now. Keep reading for my thoughts on the album!

The whole album is a sonic and emotional journey– from his camper van to the jungles of India; and the sounds that Diveakssh chooses to describe it in, are intimately familiar to the Indian ear– from the steady chug of a train atop a railway track married (in heaven) to the relaxed tablas, to the wafty, melodious flutes in the background on “Platform 1”, to the luscious production extravaganza that is “For Sam”, a moderate-mannered track that finds its beginnings in chill house, yet manages to marinate its listener in energy, should they choose to look for it.

The whole album is filled with tasteful interludes where Diveakssh does not shy away from speaking his mind, going into details of the origin of the sounds used on the album– and that, in my opinion, does a significant amount of work into making this album more than just a collection of songs that one would throw on on a lazy Monday evening– instead, transforming it into an aural experience that demands the full attention of the listener to appreciate truly; and the true beauty of this, is that a journey, like “Moments of Clarity” is intended to be, is meant to be this way.

Other highlights from this album include “Stare pt. 1”, and the title track of the album, “Moments of Clarity”, both of which portray beautiful personality throughout their runtime, and were, overall, engaging and pleasant to listen to. There is clarity in the mixes throughout, and the instrument choices are unique, and come together to create a cohesive, storylike sound that fits perfectly into the themes of the album.

“Moments of Clarity” by Diveakssh Schae is a journey like no other, and there are no stones left unturned in the effort– and no complaints from my ears. This album gets my two-thumbs-up recommendation! Check out “Moments of Clarity” here:

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