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Ezrae’s Latest Single Nosebleed is Pop at its Best
Ezrae’s Latest Single Nosebleed is Pop at its Best

Ezrae’s Latest Single “Nosebleed” is Pop at its Best

Ezrae is a pop singer and songwriter who is known for creating out-of-the-box songs with some fresh appeal every single time. Intrinsically rich music and vivid contemporary styles give her music an iconic feel.

Ezrae recently released a song called “Nosebleed”, which is a refreshing track with so much to offer. The intense, upbeat musicality explores the theme of separation and heartbreak in a unique manner. You would find yourself really enjoying the lyrics. The song feels like a storytelling and is so nicely done that you would find yourself relating to the lyrics in places. The music is a flavourful mix of intense beats and catchy tunes that will end up lingering in your head for quite a while. The vocals are poignant because of Ezrae’s beautifully soothing voice that knows how to depict pain and loss and yet do it effortlessly. The best parts of the song are those where you really get to see Ezrae’s singing at its best. 

The song paints a beautiful picture with its stunning motifs of heartbreak and how confusing and terrible moving on can be. Themes of loss and love are beautifully interwoven. However, brilliant pop music is almost like a layer that you need to break to really get to the soft bit of the song; the essence of the song really lies in the lyrics. 

This is a song you shouldn’t miss!

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