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Harri Mason - Shadows
Harri Mason - Shadows

Harri Mason – Shadows | Resilient

Harri Mason is an Independent artist based in Bristol, United Kingdom. She has been writing music for and playing in bands since she was just 14 years old. Harri cites influences from Bruce Springsteen to Fleetwood Mac based on what she heard growing up. With a lot under her belt already, Harri Mason has just dropped her latest album, Shadows. With 11 tracks and spanning over just shy of 39 minutes, Harri has created an emotional album with tons to offer.

Shadows starts on Welcome To My World, a track that features a simple guitar and vocal pattern with minimal percussion. Harri Mason has a beautiful voice that captures an impressive amount of emotion and power at the same time. The guitar follows a hypnotic pattern while the minimal piano adds percussion along with intuitive countermelodies. The strings in the final chorus add a bravado to the track with so much emotion in them. It feels like the most tragic song in the world and overall a great introduction to the album.

Similarly, in Water we find a similar pattern with minimal guitar and vocal work starting the track off. The percussion becomes more prominent in this track and the emotion continues to remain heavy and gloomy. Everything about this track seems to carry a weight that Harri no longer wants to carry. We see the opposite to this in Self Love — a track that breaks the pattern. It features brighter tones with a more upbeat drum kit. The refrain Nothing is wrong with me / I need some self-love is a mantra a lot of people can relate to, but once they recognise it.

Ordinary People starts off on a literal chirpier note with birds chirping before the guitar kicks in. The melody line creates a rather happy atmosphere with some melancholia. Harri Mason hits the harmonies on this track with such a punch. The second you hear the harmonies come in it hits you right in the emotions with such force you can’t help but feel choked up. A Thousand Times manages to capture a similar picture. While it is a lot lighter, the lingering tones from the melancholy remain. The song picks up as it progresses with happier, lighter tones slowly increasing voluminously. Eventually, all the bright tones take over the track, almost drowning out the melancholic tones in Harri’s voice.

Moonlight is the most streamed track on the album so far. It has dark, gritty tones, but is balanced out well by the brighter tones in the guitars. The chorus is the most appealing part of this track, for sure. When everything comes in for the first climax it sounds heavenly. Harri Mason talks about a lot of real events that many people can relate to when they hear her music. Moonlight is one of those tracks that hits you right in the emotions. Similarly, with Rise, you have an almost poetic letter to oneself from Harri. Moreover, this track is kind of like the powerful turning point in the album. It seems like Harri has moved on from the dark anguish towards a stronger front in these last few tracks. The perfect way to end the album.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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