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Jack Foz's "Casual"
Jack Foz's "Casual"
Jack Foz's "Casual"

Jack Foz’s “Casual” is the Fiery Joyful Indie Rock Anthem

UK artist Jack Foz proves his songwriting prowess with his latest indie-rock debut single, “Casual”. The track is a perfect blend of honesty, sarcasm, and energetic rhythms that are sure to captivate any listener. With nostalgic 80s synthesizer tones and thundering drums, Foz, the London based artist is influenced by the likes of The Vaccines and Catfish and the Bottlemen but adds his own spark.

As soon as the song begins gritty synth bass hits for a split second, then you’re transported into a wave of joyous alternative indie rock guitars and synths that exude explosive power. The unadulterated joy and energy that is packed into this song will have you grooving along in no time. The guitar riffs coupled with the thundering drums make “Casual” by Jack Foz the gem it is. Although the lyrics may deal with the dilemmas of shaky undefined relationships, the energy expressed is entirely positive and will have you listening to the song on repeat. The sense of nostalgia that permeates the song adds to its feel-good rock vibe.

“Casual” is an instant rock song, not to be missed. The songwriting is excellent, and all the elements come together amazingly. Foz’s ability to blend serious themes hidden under happy indie-rock is unparalleled, and this track is a testament to his skill. In conclusion, “Casual” is a super catchy song that will make you want to groove. Jack Foz has undoubtedly created a perfect indie-rock gem for nostalgia junkies with this single.

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