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Satellite Train-Superstar
Satellite Train-Superstar
Satellite Train-Superstar

Satellite Train shows rock stardom with their new release, “Superstar”

Satellite Train has a sound that might seem familiar. Icehouse’s Michael Paynter is the vocalist, and a lot of the sound is inspired from that era of rock. This is where ideas flowed, all kinds of creativity ushered in. The kind of sound this band produces is unlike anything you’ll hear now. This is a snippet from the past, but it is uniquely theirs. This is their latest single, Superstar.

The vocal entrance is enough to ensnare you at your place. This is one of those voices the judges at those flashy reality shows instantly turn for. The synth and rock flows and evident, and changes make it a powerful anthem to listen to. If you’ve been a fan of Icehouse, you can immediately connect some dots. Satellite Train is the perfect blend of technology, art and well crafted melodies. Not to mention, their sound is a cut through the mainstream static that dominates playlists now. The chorus will ring out in your head for the rest of the week, so you can thank the band for that. This song has encapsulated some of Micheal’s great vocal runs with almost surreal ease, and that is a testament to great songwriting. 

Their singles like Lies and Broken Heart are fan favourites, but this is going to climb the list. The feel and flow of the song is something musicians cannot replicate, making it a gem. You’ll be singing this song wherever you get the time or place, believe me. Get your faux microphone comb, and get ready to rock like a superstar:

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